Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women - Ottawa 2023

Ravens for Mental Health

There is no question that the past few years through the COVID pandemic has challenged all of us in ways we never could have imagined, and has put additional strains on our resilience and mental wellness. To be involved in the Run for Women is a terrific opportunity to support mental health programs and to partner with the amazing Royal Ottawa, which does so much to provide critical care to members of our greater Ottawa community.

Please consider joining our team “Ravens for Mental Health” by registering at

- Benoit-Antoine Bacon, President & Vice-Chancellor, Carleton University

Running and being in community with others is important for my mental health and well-being. And so I’m very excited to be part of the Ravens for Mental Health Team again this year. I would love to see you there, in support of the Run for Women and The Royal Ottawa! 

- Adrian Chan, Professor, Department Systems & Computer Engineering & Co-Chair, Healthy Workplace Committee

I have seen first-hand the need for mental health services for women and girls at all stages of their lives. This year I am excited to be one of the captains and to run in person with friends, colleagues, and family. I have been running at lunch with Carleton colleagues for the past six years, running is very much part of my Carleton work life, and I am proud to be part of this team and to raise money for women’s mental health care.

- Amber Lannon, University Librarian

As someone who has always used running as a tool to dig myself out of the swings of mental lows I know firsthand just how equally important having mental health programs and support can be during times of need. Being part of this team effort to raise funds and awareness for this important cause has been such a meaningful opportunity to reflect on my own mental wellness while doing something that will hopefully support and encourage others in doing the same. We hope you will join us, and this amazing team of help-raisers, to inspire support for one another, our community and The Royal Ottawa.

- Jennifer Gray, Development Officer, Department of University Advancement

I have been running for 20 years – my first run was as a graduate student and I ran for 12 minutes! As someone who was never “sporty” or athletic, I was so proud of myself! Since then I’ve run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and triathlons. I’ll run in -30C or +30C…I love the feeling of the wind, rain, snow and sun on my face…! But most of all, I love how running is the best thing for my mental health. 

- Kim Hellemans, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science & Professor, Department of Neuroscience

​My daughter completed her fourth year honours project on Elite Athletes and Mental Health and the results were staggering. Working in Athletics, I work with student athletes every day, but did you know that student athletes face higher rates of depression and anxiety than non athelete students? Did you know that student athletes are less likely to see help for mental illness? Only 10% of these students seek help compared to 30% of students who are non athletes (still a staggering number of those not seeking help). 

Stigma is one of the biggest reasons why we need to change that. This could be the first step. Join me June 4th and let's work on ending the stigma together. 

- Kim McWaters, Senior Development Officer (Athletics), Department of University Advancement 

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