Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women - Winnipeg 2024

Finance Excel-erators

Loblaw Finance - Run for Women

It's time to lace up your running shoes and run/walk for women's health!

Loblaw Finance is thrilled to be participating in the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women Winnipeg Event, where thousands of walkers and runners from coast to coast are coming together to make a difference. Together, we're igniting change and raising vital funds to support women's mental health programs at Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba and Winnipeg.

But we can't do it alone! We need your support to power our journey towards our fundraising goal. Every step we take, every dollar we raise, makes a tangible impact on the lives of women in our community. And here's the best part: 100% of the funds we raise will directly benefit women's mental health initiatives, ensuring that help reaches those who need it most.

Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or taking your first steps into the world of walk-a-thons, there's room for everyone at this exhilarating event. And here's the best part – running isn't the only option! Walking is more than welcome too! So, grab those sneakers and get ready to step out, because we're gearing up to make significant progress for an incredible cause!

So, are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary? Don't miss out on this opportunity to join our team of passionate supporters! Register and join our team and let's make strides together towards a brighter, healthier future for women everywhere. Let's run, let's rally, and let's revolutionize women's mental health together! 

Date: Saturday, June 8th

Venue: Manitoba Legislative Building

Team: Finance Excel-erators (Loblaw Finance)

Team Captain: Jennifer McDaniel


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