Run for Women, brought to you by the LOVE YOU by Shoppers Drug Mart program - Edmonton 2020

Doula Association of Edmonton

We, the Doula Association of Edmonton, are very excited to participate in the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women in Support of Women’s Wellness Programs at Lois Hole Hospital for Women.


Join our team or please give to this amazing cause!  




The lives of women in the Edmonton area are positively impacted by the Run for Women. Thanks to race supporters more than 2,000 women have been provided access to an e-screening, therapy, and referral tool that identifies and treats depression and anxiety during pregnancy. Additional dollars raised by this run will serve to expand the screening program by Dr. Dawn Kingston and her team to include postpartum women too. Dr. Kingston’s work as the Cross Provincial Chair in Perinatal Mental Health Research is showing promising results, and could inform mental health care protocols right across the province!

Exercise is the best way to manage mental health and thousands across Canada will join me to experience the healing effect of walking or running. Women’s lives are transformed one step at a time. Your donation will bring one woman one step closer to recovery.

To join our team, you can register by visiting:

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