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Ashley's Warriors

August 22. 2018 I was in a horrible state of mind being suicidal. Life can seem so easy but we all wear a mask throughout the day to cover up our emotions and feelings. No one truly understands what a person is really going through. Having to face the day with a smile can seem so simple but that smile can hide a lot of tears, emotions, anger, fear and the list just keeps going on. I wore a mask for a long time and showed my smile like I was living a wonderful life, not letting anyone know I was really suffering inside. What would people think of me? Will I be considered crazy? Why am I not normal? Everyday I had these questions going through my head dragging me down more and more till I realized I needed help. Being admitted in the Waterford and receiving the right care I needed I have learned a lot about myself. I am a strong person to fight mental health and not give up.

August 22 I finally took my mask off and showed my emotions and how hard I was suffering, from this day on when I smile I show my happiness and mean it!

STOP the stigma for mental health if you’re suffering reach out of help, call a friend, talk to me. NEVER be ashamed of what you’re going through you will never be alone in your battle.

Please take the time to help others who are struggling with mental ilness <3
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